best season 2022

World Champion AND Construction World Champion 2022
congratulations !

and ESports:
next event:
2.-4. NOV 2022

Race 6

#F1Esports finishes with another double-points result for the Team


spectacular - last lap battle from Frede austria Red Bull Ring
Pole - P2

all races and results and tracks...

Esports standings

after 2. Event 2022

Red Bull plus 1 point !

Pole and win on silverstone 2022

The top step at Silverstone for the second year running!

World Championship 2022 F1 esports

2. race IMOLA : P2 Kiefer and P3 Rasmussen

The F1 Esports Series Pro Championship will see the world’s best sim racers competing for the ultimate prizes of winning the drivers’ and teams’ championships.

  • Frede Rasmussen and Marcel Kiefer hope to reclaim the title they won in 2020 after narrowly missing out to Mercedes last year.
  • Liam Parnell will return as the Team’s test driver, aiding with setups and technical race support.
  • The F1 Esports Series Pro Championship will see the world’s best sim racers competing for the ultimate prizes of winning the drivers’ and teams’ championships.

F1 Esports Series Pro Championship returns again in 2022

As in the real Formula 1, the race calendar in the digital version also 
from season to season: The 2022 season includes an additional
race and now ends just
before Christmas in warm Abu Dhabi.
Each event consists of a qualifying session followed

by the corresponding race.
F1 Esports Series Pro 2022 - Longer Races

Probably the biggest change is not the extension of the calendar, 
but the extension of all races. So far, the F1 Esports Series 
Pro Championship competitions have been held in 35 percent mode.

This means that the digital races went over 35 percent of the
actual race distance.
In 2022, drivers and spectators will have to be prepared for longer 

Grands Prix because the race distance will increase to 50 percent 
of the real values.

This changes the approach of the sim racers and their teams enormously. 
The strategy should play a much more important role than
in the previous season.

Bigger and better than ever before

The 2022 F1 Esports Series Pro Championship is just around the corner, as we search for our next virtual superstar! Longer races, more streams and loads of action to come

The Erena is ready and waiting...

waiting....waiting till....

leaving the way...

a new aera of performance

first of all a Red Bull 

sleeping...eating breakfast...caring 
for people..

mowing the lawn...exercising...

walking the dog...exercising...
caring for people.

that calls for ENERGY !

and then....

recycle and move on



I know this is an unpopular opinion, 
but the setup development early in the game cycle is
literally what I enjoy the most. It's just so
satisfying to try
different concepts and ideas and
see the times just getting shorter and shorter then Marcel Kiefer: I've always said it and you ask for a repeat -
Parnell. You're a fucking psychopath.:-)

it works out...


is your 2022 Formula E: Accelerate champion!

is he alive ?

Red Bull Racing Esports vs Mercedes AMG-Petronas Esports
HUGE MOMENT as Parnell is sent into the stratosphere on the first lap!
He was leading...

...and then...

do you see him flying ?
HUGE MOMENT as Parnell is sent into the stratosphere on the first lap!

...and as seen by Liam

thanks Jarno

My POV of the Crash with @jarno_opmeer
, just wanted to clarify that i didn’t lift or brake or anything as you can see on the telemetry, just a very strange crash in overall...

and then...another touch and Liam catches the eye from P6

Highlights of an action-packed fourth and final team race with Red Bull Racing Esports taking the win. J. Tormala

wins the race and got the points for the team


out of season ? - look what`s inbetween...go to twitter and follow Liam and his new team

He has done it!

Double victory for @Shadow_3905 ( Tom Manley )
as he takes his victory total to a historic 8 , confirming his place at the top of the standings with just two races to go !...already won the challengers !
 " Really proud of you man, you worked hard and the future is looking insanely bright for you. Enjoy this moment, it’s only the start tho "

The Victory !!!

wins season 12 of WOR XBF1 after a truly dominating performance all year. We couldn't be more happy too see Tom excelling at the top level of XBOX F1 Pro-AM eSports. Congratulations to him on an excellent season!

now online - with Background information on the drivers and careers

...and the official F1 Esports ?

F1 22 lays the foundation for a 'new era of sport'
Formula 1 is always evolving and so are F1 Games. We speak to Creative Director 
Lee Mather to find out what's new under the hood of F1 22.

Alpha Tauri

A big focus was on the exact 
replica of the rules for the
bollides. They are heavier
this year and the airflow is
generated under rather than
above the body. In addition,
the tires are larger with
more unsprung mass.

F1 regulations have a 
impact on the
F1 22 cars

The advanced parameters of the 
suspension benefit enormously
from the new physics engine:
"Anyone who has played one of
our previous F1 sims will
immediately notice a difference
on the track," says Mather.
For this, the developers paid
very close attention to the
handling and the statistics
of the real racing cars

latest surveying 

Fans can also look forward to 
the Monaco Grand Prix for the
release. From the hairpin bends
to the breathtaking coastal
views, all iconic features are
on board F1 22

set-up for your success