How expensive an F1 racing car is and how it works...see below

2023 HELMETS  Our driver's chosen lids for the 2023 season!

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the interview
Recently, Give Me Sport paid visit to Oracle Red Bull Racing's Esports team at Red Bull Racing HQ in Milton Keynes.

an interview with  Jed Norgrove part of the team

Do you think people realise how much effort goes into this not just from yourself, but from engineers and people like that around the Esports team?

"We work a lot on the fitness side of it and the amount of engineers we have here working with us on data, stuff like that, it really shows how big Esports is and is continuing to grow. I think from the outside, you see people who don't really know the series at all, they just see racing on the game, but I think if you brought them into here and show them how much preparation we put into it, how many hours, how much dedication, hard work, the fitness work with personal trainers, I think they'd realise how much we prepare."

Oracle Red Bull Racing Esports And Bybit Launch Revolutionary Athlete Development Programme


a sad goodbye

I'm leaving Oracle Red Bull Racing. Thank you for everything!

Liam: Was a pleasure working with you Marcel. Always hard working and determined to achieve your goals, you always put in the extra hours. You also pushed the whole team a lot + practicing with you was always a lot of fun. Good luck with what is next for you


Christian Horner

Oracle Red Bull Racing 2023 Saisonstart
Event in New York


This is it...


what a beauty


...this is


a new partnership



1 - 2 - 3

Daniel Ricciardo is back...welcome

How much does a Formula 1 car cost - and where can i buy one ?

Cost: Around 15 million euros
The steering wheel, a computer,
comes to 50,000, -, a set of wings 
(front and rear) depending on complexity to around 200,000.00.
All unique pieces, hence the horrific
one Price On relevant platforms such as F1 cars appear for around 100,000
British pounds, that is currently about
118,000 euros. Of course, you shouldn't
worry about that Expect a car that has actually
competed in races, but rather at best a more or less original
show engine, no transmission,


Esports Erena Experience

Oracle Red Bull Racing Esports teamed up with Priority to give twelve O2 Priority customers the ultimate day on the rigs with Sebastian Job and Marcel Kiefer at our Esports Erena.

best season 2022

World Champion AND Construction World Champion 2022
congratulations !

all races and results and tracks...

first of all a Red Bull 

sleeping...eating breakfast...caring 
for people..

mowing the lawn...exercising...

walking the dog...exercising...
caring for people.

that calls for ENERGY !

and then....

recycle and move on



I know this is an unpopular opinion, 
but the setup development early in the game cycle is
literally what I enjoy the most. It's just so
satisfying to try
different concepts and ideas and
see the times just getting shorter and shorter then Marcel Kiefer: I've always said it and you ask for a repeat -
Parnell. You're a fucking psychopath.:-)

it works out...

is he alive ?

Red Bull Racing Esports vs Mercedes AMG-Petronas Esports
HUGE MOMENT as Parnell is sent into the stratosphere on the first lap!
He was leading...

...and then...

do you see him flying ?
HUGE MOMENT as Parnell is sent into the stratosphere on the first lap!
over 504 K views by now....

...and as seen by Liam

thanks Jarno

and then...another touch and Liam catches the eye from P6

Highlights of an action-packed fourth and final team race with Red Bull Racing Esports taking the win. J. Tormala

wins the race and got the points for the team


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