Constructors championship Red Bull 2023 - AGAIN !




1 Max Verstappen                             400 Points
2 Sergio Perez                                    223 Points
so far
1 Red Bull Racing Honda RBPT        623 Points
2 Mercedes                                         305 Points


24 races in 2024 with big steps forward in regionalisation


2023 season in F1 Esports

this year i will focus entirely on set-ups, engineering and support for our drivers. I developed this area well in the F1 2022 game and also implemented it in my own team parnell_racing almost day and night - to the point of exhaustion.

the goats

Frede Rasmussen

Joni Törmälä

I see everything from the background !

Preparations are underway for the 2023 World Cup - many life LAN events this year! We will keep you up to date !

Sebastian Job

Esports FAQ
Frequently asked questions about Oracle Red Bull Racing Esports.
What is Esports?
Esports, short for electronic sports, is a form of competition using video games. Esports normally takes the form of organised, multiplayer video game competitions, between professional players; individually or as teams. These events may be held online or through LAN (in person) events with spectators at a venue.

What is Oracle Red Bull Racing Esports?
Oracle Red Bull Racing Esports is an Esports organisation created by Oracle Red Bull Racing in 2018 with the sole purpose of competing and being the best in the sim racing scene. In recent years, ORBRE has developed into a way of scouting and nurturing talent with a long-term goal of feeding into real-life racing opportunities.

What is F1 Esports?
The F1 Esports Pro Championship is a yearly competition amongst all 10 Formula 1 teams, and their respective Esports teams, participating in a series of events on the most recent edition of EA (developed by Codemasters) Formula 1 game - currently F1 23. Similarly to Formula 1, there is a Drivers’ and Teams’ Championship title. Oracle Red Bull Racing Esports has historically performed well in both categories, winning the Teams title consecutively in 2019 and 2020.

Can Esports be a career?
Yes, Esports is a viable career path, whether you are a competitor, engineer, manager, commentator, content creator; there are plenty of opportunities out there! Select universities and colleges now offer modules and courses as the Esports sector continues to grow, with no indication of it slowing down any time soon!

How do I become an Esports driver?
If you are interested in becoming an Esports driver, league racing is a good way to gain experience and improve race craft. While F1 Esports is considered the pinnacle on the Formula 1 platform, there are several other series on different racing platforms that require different driving styles and equipment.

How do I join Oracle Red Bull Racing Esports?
There is no definitive way to join ORBRE, however, a good way to get noticed by teams is by entering and placing well in the annual F1 Esports Challengers/Pro Exhibition competition. Registration and qualification for this runs around February each year ahead of the start of the new F1 Esports season - more details can be found here:

PSGL or WOR are also big leagues where you get the attention of the stables.

Where is the Team based?
Our roster of legendary drivers are based all over the world, but our central headquarters and Erena training facility operates from the Red Bull Technology Campus in Tilbrook, Milton Keynes (UK).

Where can I buy the equipment?
We have some great partnerships with incredible brands: AOC - Playseat - 

Fanatec -

Where can I follow the Team?
Twitter - 

Instagram - 

Threads - 

Facebook - 

Twitch - 

Website -


the interview
Recently, Give Me Sport paid visit to Oracle Red Bull Racing's Esports team at Red Bull Racing HQ in Milton Keynes.

an interview with  Jed Norgrove part of the team

Do you think people realise how much effort goes into this not just from yourself, but from engineers and people like that around the Esports team?

"We work a lot on the fitness side of it and the amount of engineers we have here working with us on data, stuff like that, it really shows how big Esports is and is continuing to grow. I think from the outside, you see people who don't really know the series at all, they just see racing on the game, but I think if you brought them into here and show them how much preparation we put into it, how many hours, how much dedication, hard work, the fitness work with personal trainers, I think they'd realise how much we prepare."

Oracle Red Bull Racing Esports And Bybit Launch Revolutionary Athlete Development Programme

Esports Erena Experience

Oracle Red Bull Racing Esports teamed up with Priority to give twelve O2 Priority customers the ultimate day on the rigs with Sebastian Job and Marcel Kiefer at our Esports Erena.

Ladies and gentlemen:

Start your engines!

We present you the best racing games 2023 that will be released this year.

part of the story:

Sebastian JobUnited KingdomUnited Kingdom

Frede RasmussenDenmarkDenmark

F1 Manager 2023

Time for the @RedBullRacing
driver ratings! #F1Manager

F1 Manager 2023 Test: behind the szenes to the Construkteurs-WM

How expensive an F1 racing car is and how it works...see below

2023 HELMETS  Our driver's chosen lids for the 2023 season!

chose the hottest...

How much does a Formula 1 car cost - and where can i buy one ?

Cost: Around 15 million euros The steering wheel, a computer, comes to 50,000, -, a set of wings
(front and rear) depending on complexity to around 200,000.00.
All unique pieces, hence the horrific
one Price On relevant platforms such as F1 cars appear for around 100,000
British pounds, that is currently about
118,000 euros. Of course, you shouldn't
worry about that Expect a car that has actually
competed in races, but rather at best a more or less original
show engine, no transmission,




I know this is an unpopular opinion,
but the setup development early in the game cycle is
literally what I enjoy the most. It's just so
satisfying to try
different concepts and ideas and
see the times just getting shorter and shorter then Marcel Kiefer: I've always said it and you ask for a repeat -
Parnell. You're a fucking psychopath.:-)

it works out...

is he alive ?

Red Bull Racing Esports vs Mercedes AMG-Petronas Esports
HUGE MOMENT as Parnell is sent into the stratosphere on the first lap!
He was leading...

...and then...

do you see him flying ?
HUGE MOMENT as Parnell is sent into the stratosphere on the first lap!
over 504 K views by now....

...and as seen by Liam

thanks Jarno

and then...another touch and Liam catches the eye from P6

Highlights of an action-packed fourth and final team race with Red Bull Racing Esports taking the win. J. Tormala

wins the race and got the points for the team