what are these awards and how do they come about

WOR: in the addition to Esports Formula 1 Pro series, this is one of the largest gaming leagues out there, and features a series of tiers, or levels. They are:
Tier 1:
the top 20 drivers
Tier 2:
20 to 40
Tier 3:
....and so on
: just like WOR, PSGL is one of the biggest gaming leagues out there
Challengers from F1 Esports: From September, drivers aged 16 and over fight it out in the so-called Challengers events - a highlight of the year. Just as in the World Champion Esports Formula 1 Pro series, this is fought over 12 tracks. The top six drivers in the final ranking qualified themselves to get picked by the big F1 Esports teams.
DHL time trial: Watch out for the DHL time trials on their home page between December and March. The fastest lap drivers will be invited to a second event and the top 3 get noticed (and often selected) by the big F1 Esport teams. With the DHL time trial you can bypass the F1 Esports Challengers.
So: come on in and make an effort!

We obviously know who got provisionally qualified as full time / reserve, but it could all change. We have to submit a form with an internet speedtest which has to be ping 175 or below, and optionally with the recording of the run if available. If the speedtest is above ping 175 and/or your run is deemed invalid due to a use of game glitches, drivers can be denied entry into challengers. Once the F1 Esports staff has run through all forms and checked all internet tests & recordings, they will confirm the challengers entry list (which will probably take 7-10 days ) Only then we know who’s confirmed a drive in challengers.

So we’ll only be able to answer to question if roughly 10 days.

F1 Esports Series Challengers is a 12-round online championship starting January 2022 for the fastest qualifiers from the F1 Esports Series qualification events. Challengers is contested on PS4/5, Xbox One/Series S/X and PC , with the top 6 drivers per platform qualifying for a chance to sign for an official F1 Esports Team and take part in the 2023 Pro Championship.