Let's start learning more about set-ups...

Speeding things up

Driving and set-ups in real life

You can see how exciting this is, and the huge challenges. You never know how a race is going to end, and just a few milliseconds can make all the difference. I am hugely privileged to be among such leaders in the field - you can do it too – all you need is practise practise practise - I look forward to seeing you soon - maybe as a new candidate of my new team Parnell Racing ?

The stuff winners are made of

The car setup can make or break a whole race, and driver/ team reputations.
Just as in real Formula 1, F1-2021 cars don't all behave similarly. And in the rain, some don't want to behave at all.
The Red Bull set-ups are a closely guarded secret (sorry!), honed over thousands of hours over many seasons, both in front of the cameras and – most often – behind the scenes. They underpin everything we do and are constantly evolving.
This area is a passion of mine and where you can set yourself up for success.  
For newcomers or more advanced drivers there is a mine of information on the Web - but what will work best for you and your car?
Set challenges - choose different tracks in varying conditions. Each time, meticulously log configurations, handling, and – the acid test – lap times, to build on your success.
In short, arm yourself with what works best for you in a range of situations so you can deploy the optimum settings at will.

Good luck and I look forward to racing with you soon!

The F1 Esports series is always looking for highly talented drivers!